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  1. 🥳 Happy Birthday Pam!
    All the demons have been trembling since this day 65 years ago on September 14!
    A note to Satan and his cronies, Pam is Stronger and her Faith in Jesus Christ / Holy Spirit / God the father is dynamite 🧨

    1. Thank You Sue for your comments. Yes, when we walk with the Lord and in the Power of His’s Son, Jesus Christ Holy Shed Blood, satan trembles,
      all demonic forces tremble and also satan’s people tremble, and I LOVE THAT!

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thanks for sharing your prayer requests with me. I will be praying for your precious mother and your sister, that they will be set free from the torments of darkness and come to Jesus Christ! The most important decision they will ever make in their lifetime, is where they spend eternity through accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Love you My Sister-In-Christ! May you have a God-Blessed day!

  2. Pam, a friend said he has seen Maureen and she seems to be doing well. Let’s keep intervening prayers for her safety of mind, body and Spirit!

    Love you Mo!

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks for the update on Maureen. God has been answering my prayers that I have prayed for her over one year now. So good to read about her on this blog. These prayers are Sacred to God Almighty, and He stores up our prayers in heaven and unleashes the answers to these prayer in His Timing and according to His Will. I will continue to pray for Maureen’s safety all around her life that belongs to God. Thank you Sue tor your sensitive heart for God and His Directive Will. May you have a God Blessed day!

  3. Pam ever since you came into my life ..your love and acceptance is what I most needed. You are so understanding yet strong n firm.
    I’m asking the Lord to please give you a triple Blessing for he know with what you need most!
    Happy Birthday 🎂!

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you for your kind words for my Birthday. Also, I appreciate you requesting of our Wonderful Heavenly Father, a triple blessing, as I can use
      all the blessings I can get.
      Love you My Sister-In-Christ.

    1. Hello,
      Received your question. My Adopted father, Rev. (Dr.) Victor Hugo Ernest graduated to be with the Lord in 1989.
      I have taken over in his place at EL-Kannah Ministries. His book “I Talked With Spirits” was republished by the New
      Jerusalem Press in 2019. You can find his book on Amazon.com. My book will be published shortly called
      “The Sacrifice To satan That FAILED”.
      Pamela Joy Ernest
      EL-Kannah Ministries

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